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Poland-Polish Packaging Research and Developement CenterPolish Packaging Research and Developement Center

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Address:ul. Konstancinska 11, 02-942 Warszawa, Poland


COBRO was established in 1973 through transformation of the Polish Packaging Centre, operating since 1958. It is a self-supporting institution commissioned mainly by manufacturers and users of packaging and packaging materials. It provides high-tech test laboratories as well as the equipment used for pilot production of packaging and packaging materials. COBRO employs a  number of highly experienced specialists with international expertise.

COBRO co-operates with many foreign research units and international organisations. It is a member of the International Association of Packaging Research Institutes (IAPRI) and the World Packaging Organisation (WPO). On the local scale, COBRO is a member of Polish Chamber of Packaging (PIO).

COBRO scope of activity are:

  • Research and development – statutory activities and contract work 

  • Expertise works for manufacturers and users of packaging and packaging materials as well as other companies

  • Packaging design in line with the environmental requirements

  • Obligatory and voluntary certification

  • Standardisation

  • Collection and providing access to technical, technological, economic and marketing data

  • Consulting


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