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Republic of Chile-Centro de Envases y Embalajes de Chile(CENEM)Centro de Envases y Embalajes de Chile(CENEM)

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It brings together all those companies and institutions that are linked to any area of the Packaging industry in Chile.


Being the main reference of actors Packaging industry in Chile.


Being an effective contribution to creating value for its members, integrating the entire supply chain industry.


CENEMES 1985 The history of dating back to the eighties , he and INTEC - CHILE worked on different technical topics and packaging sector in Chile.

1991 emerged the need to have their own space to take the lead in the development of industry, being officially founded the Center for packaging of Chile - CENEMES. A private technical corporation , nonprofit .

WPO is incorporated as the official body of the e + e industry of Chile.

Part of the Latin American Union of Packaging - ULADE .

1995 is granted legal personality and chaired the first meeting made by Don Antonio Rebolledo Gaude.

1996 This makes the first Diploma in e + e in conjunction with UTEM . The year 2000 is continued USACH, today's graduating 300 students.

1997 was developed in conjunction with the Manual of Standards INN Chilean officials Corrugated .

1998 was made the first Technical Seminar " water-based inks , activity has remained over time consistently.

It made the first trade mission in conjunction with PROCHILE . 2000 Held the first International Fair of e + e.

2002 Framework Agreement is established Cleaner Production Sector e + e.

2003 is published the Manual of Quality and Logistics Corrugated .

2004 Magazine VAS is acquired , becoming the main means of communication / Dissemination / Information Industry CENEMES e + e.

It is published the first Statistical Yearbook of the Packaging Industry in Chile and the most comprehensive Business Directory of Industry.

2008 Meeting with the World Packaging Executive of Nestlé , sharing his thoughts on the role of these in the time of product purchase.

2009 CENEMES is one of the winners in the contest Chile Image Foundation "to promote Chile abroad " , "The Communicator Packaging a High Impact . "


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