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  • The Indian Institute of packaging is your link to the world of packaging and welcomes you to the packaging fraternity.
  • At present, IIP has members in various categories like Patron members, Overseas members, Life members & large number of ordinary members.
  • Government and industry joined hands to create the Indian Institute of Packaging in 1966 with the specific objective of improving packaging standards.
  • The Indian Institute of Packaging is a national enterprise set up in May 1966 by the Indian Packaging and allied industry and the Government of India, Ministry of Commerce. The Institute's endeavor is to improve the standards of packaging needed for the promotion of exports and help create infrastructural facilities for overall packaging improvement in India through Research and Development, problem solving consultancy and testing, training and education, industrial co-ordination, information dissemination and other promotional efforts.



- To make Indian Institute of Packaging a World Class Centre of Excellence with Sustained Commitment from the Stake Holders.

- To Develop Close International Relationship with Worldwide Packaging Fraternity.

- To make India a Focal Point for Contemporary Developments in Art, Science,Technology and Engineering in the Field of Packaging.

1. The objects for which the Indian Institute Of Packaging is established are:

  • To stimulate consciousness of good packaging;
  • To undertake and promote study, Research and Development in packaging and package design;
  • To recommend standards for packages,packaging materials, processes and equipment;
  • To test, evaluate and certify packages, packaging systems, packaging materials,equipment and processes;
  • To provide consultancy services on packaging problems;
  • To study packaging for export commoditywise and countrywise and suggest measures to authorities concerned for effecting improvements.;
  • To provide short term and long term training in packaging Technology for specified personnel employed in industry, commerce and Government.
  • To promote and stimulate action in universities and colleges, to provide education in packaging technology;
  • To analyze the implication of a sound policy on packaging on domestic production, domestic consumption and domestic prices;
  • To study methods and procedures of incentives appropriate for development of packaging;
  • To analyze the institutional framework most conducive to the promotion of packaging;
  • To study the packaging requirements with special reference to transport by road, water, rail and air;
  • To study the impact of packaging on marketing;
  • To undertake advertising, publicity and exhibition to promote packaging consciousness
  • To established relation and co-operate with any other agency or organization having similar objectives in India and abroad;
  • To provide and disseminate information relating to packaging;
  • To prepare , print and publish any paper or periodicals or reports;
  • To establish and maintain libraries and information services to facilitate the study of the various objects for which the Society is established;
  • To constitute regional Institutes at convenient places in India and outside to promote the objects of the society;
  • To invite representatives of Government, industry, trade and other institutions and organizations, Indian and Foreign, to deliver lectures on subjects in which the society is interested.

- The Indian Institute of Packaging was established in the year 1966 jointly by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and the Packaging and Allied Industries in the country.The Institute was registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act 1860, on 14th May, 1966.The Institute successfully introduced a number of services and kept on increasing the sphere of services already introduced. The objective set for the Institute was to bring about and sustain appropriate improvements in the standards of packaging particularly for exports.

- The Institute is striving its best in this direction since its inception through various activities covering Applied Research, Training and Education, Information Services, Testing, Quality Control facilities, Package Development, Feasibility projects, Graphic design, Data centre, Technical and Techno Commercial publications the field of packaging. This has gone a long way in improving the standards of packaging in the country. In fact, the Institute today possess a considerable wealth of information and technical know-how in the field of packaging.

- The institute is constantly trying to improve the standards of packaging both to the domestic needs and exports and is in touch with the industries and trade bodies and endeavour to programme its activities to meet the current needs and those anticipated in the future in the field of packaging.

- The Institute has nearly 1000 members on its roll comprising of industries in diversed fields having the common bond of interest in packaging. Today, packaging in fact embraces almost every industry activity. It is for this reason that the membership of the Institute includes not only the producers of packaging materials and packaging machineries or converters of packaging materials into packages but also very large number of manufacturers of various goods.

Some of the major activities of the Institute are given briefly hereunder


- The Institute undertakes self-sponsored and industry participated applied projects covering different aspects of standards, substitution of packaging materials, improvements in the designs of packages, etc.

- Research projects are also undertaken with and accent on reliable data generation on the critical characteristics of packaging and ancillary materials with emphasis on those related to food, consumer items and industrial products.

  • The Indian packaging industry is a heterogeneous mix of industrial units in the organised and unorganised sectors comprising manufacturers of raw materials, packages, machinery and ancillary materials and equipments.
  • Packaging has permeated every field of business activity and is considered a vital element in the distribution and marketing of not only manufactured goods but also farm grown produce. The importance of packaging for export was given due recognition in early 1960s, when the Government and industry joined hands to create the Indian Institute of Packaging in 1966 with the specific objectives of improving packaging standards.

    Activity of the Institute today are in line with those of the premier packaging institutes in the world over.:

    • Training & Education
    • Consultancy & Projects
    • Laboratory Testing
    • Q.C Schemes
    • Exhibition & Design
    • Information and Publication
    • Library
    • Database & Internet Services, besides promotional activities.
    • The Institute is closely linked with international organisations . It is recognised by the UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation)and the ITC (International Trading Centre)for consultancy and training. The IIP is a member of the Asian Packaging Federation (ADF); the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP), USA; the Institute of Packaging (IOP), UK; Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI), USA and the World Packaging Organisation (WPO)


      To meet the growing demands from industrial units in both the organised and unorganised sectors for qualified technical manpower, the Institute introduced the 2-year programme leading to a post graduate diploma in packaging,in 1985.The course is designed to equip candidates with all the facets of packaging activity.

      Other courses being offered by the Institute include the Distance Education Programme Correspondence Coures since 1996, recognised by the World Packaging Organisation and accredited by the Asian Packaging Federation. The 18-month course designed primarily for working professionals, is open to industry personnel and to students in india, the Asia-Pacific region and other countries.

      A 3 Month Certificate Course in Packaging introduced in 1968 is conducted at the Head Office and at the Regional Centres. Entries are on a first-come-first-served basis. The course is also open to overseas participants deputed by their governments under various schemes.

      The IIP is probably, the first Packaging Institute in the world to hold a training programme exclusively for women entrepreneurs. The one-month Entrepreneurship Development Programme is organised once a year.

      Short training programmes, seminars and conferences are organised by the Head Office and the Regional Centres throughout the year in various parts of the country.


      Consultancy services for package design and development and cost effective packaging are offered by the institute round the year. On-the-spot advisory visits,techno-economic feasibility studies and market research to study the potential for new projects are also undertaken by the IIP on a regular basis.

      In keeping with the Institute's efforts for the promotion of nature based packaging, coir composite board and cushioning media for packaging applications, a joint project with the Coir Board of India, is being developed for cost-effective packaging applications.


      Laboratories at the Head Office and the Regional Centres extend testing facilities to industry for domestic distribution and for export, as per national and international standards like the Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS), International Standard Organisation (ISO), British Standards(BS), American Socity for Testing Materials (ASTM), and others. The IIP also issues UN certification of export packages for hazardous goods and equipment calibration standardisation certificates.

      Export packs for fresh fruits and vegetables are developed including bulk and consumer packs.

      Consumer and bulk export packs with specification details are developed for precut frozen fruits and vegetables.


      INDPACK, the annual national exhibition organised at various cities around the country, offers the packaging industry an opportunity to display developments in the machinery and materials sector.

      INDPACK International ,a calloborative effort with exhibition organisers form overseas, is organised once in 2/3 years.

      The Institute also organises industry participation in international exhibitions.

      The Permanent exhibition centres in Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi offer display outlets for the products of the industries.

      Industrial designs are developed as per client's requirements.


      The biennial INDIASTAR Award is a recognition of excellence in packaging development for functional design and appeal. the INDIASTAR contest is also open to students under the student category. Likewise, the PACMACHINE AWARD symbolises achievements in the field of packaging and converting machinery, material handling and testing equipment.

      Winning INDIASTAR entries can compete for the ASIASTAR and the WORLDSTAR Awards.


      PACKAGING INDIA , the official journal of the Institute, published six times a year, is an invaluable source of information for the packaging industry. It is mailed free of cost to members of the Institute, packaging and related institutions all over the world. Individual subscriptions are available on request.

      Monographs and text books, seminar papers and DIRECTORIES are published periodically. The institute's PUBLICATIONS are available at the Head Office and the Regional Centres.


      IIP can rightfully boast of housing one of the best reference libraries in the world, with books, international periodicals, bound volumes of journals besides a large number of reports, national & international standards Database on products and materials and reprographic facility are also available. Library facilites are extended to members of the Institute, its students and faculty.

      IIP has it's own website http.// online internet services will shortly be available to the industry for IIP membership registration, Training programmes, Packaging India subscription, Advertising,Database Search etc.


      Regd. & Head Office
      Indian Institute of Packaging - Mumbai
      E-2, MIDC Area, Andheri (E), Mumbai 93
      Tel: 28219803, 28219469, 28216751.


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