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Everything is Packed in Our Daily Lives

Our everyday life is filled with an abundance of products, most of which are packaged. A package plays an important role both when distributing products and when displaying them for sale.
One of its uses is to function as a container. For example, a box shows the specific amount contained, it enables transportation and serves to protect the quality of its contents.
Another use is to play the role of a messenger. A package conveys a message and provides information from its producers to its consumers. Thus, a package is the face of a product and package design is an indispensable element of commerce.

Package Design Next to You

Package design has a manifold of definitions; graphic design which can be seen throughout all large towns and cities at any time, product design seen in the daily necessities in your home, and in industrial product design.
It is also seen as a symbol of a particular advertisement and it reflects the mood of society and age. It occasionally possesses a great power to influence the market.
However, its primary role is as a medium interaction between people.
There are many aspects in the world of design, but none is closer to you than package design.

JPDA for Designers and Corporations
Concerned with Package Design

The Japan Package Design Association (JPDA) is a leading organization, which was established in 1960 and certificated as a public-service corporation in 1981. JPDA membership consists of individuals (package designers) and corporations.
JPDA values each one of its members for their knowledge, intelligence and hands-on experience. JPDA furthers mutual understanding and works for exchange between members.
By improving the quality of design works, and by promoting the usefulness of package design, JPDA aims to enrich our way of life and contribute to economic development.

Service to People and Society Through Package

Packaging is closely tied to the cycle of manufacturing, distribution, purchasing, use, disposal and recycling.
From this point of view, all concerned with package design must keep in mind that packages have social functions and must be responsible to society.
Therefore, an important theme for package design is to make them both consumer-oriented and eco-friendly.
As an organization, which has genuine relevance to the lives of ordinary people, JPDA investigates the possibilities of package design and tries to materialize ideas in order to connect people to other people, goods and to corporations.

 Activities of JPDA

With the aim of enhancing the appeal of package design and conveying its value, JPDA conducts various activities ranging from local events to nationwide projects. Every activity is planned and run by its members.
JPDA publishes "Member's Work Today", a biennial compilation of samples of member's works. Awards for excellent work are given through the"Japan Package Design Award" competition.
JPDA carries out special anniversary projects and holds the "Asia Package Design Conference" in cooperation with other Asian countries.
In addition, JPDA conducts local events like the"Miyagi Food Management System Projects" in association with municipalities because Miyagi Prefecture is famous for its rich variety of food. Each committee actively organizes seminars and conducts studies.


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