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China-Food Ingredietns China-FIC 2019Food Ingredietns China-FIC 2019
Food Ingredietns China-FIC 2019
  • Exh. time:03/18/2019 - 03/20/2019
  • Venues:National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) [Map]
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  • Introduction:(Food Ingredietns China-FIC 2019)

    ◎The largest and most authoritative international show on food additives & ingredients industry in Asia: over 1000 exhibitors from more than 20 countries build a strong and reliable platform for communication and create more opportunities for companies’ development against the economic crisis.

    ◎Focusing on leading companies and displaying the latest products and techniques: manufacturerds taking up 90% of exhibitors and excellent export-oriented companies show the frontiers of product and technology and the prospect of the development trend.

    ◎More inclusive: 23 categories of food additives,34 categories of food ingredients and food processing aide, as well as equipment, machinery and media agents provide comprehensive and different products and service.

    ◎Promoting food safety: inspire the thinking of food safety control and enterprise’s morality and stress on the promotion of equipment and techniques applicable to the food safety. 

    ◎Highlighting the natural, nutritious, healthy and functional food to boost the food quality and safety: 50% products are made from natural extracts meeting the demand of the market.

    ◎Gathering leading export-oriented companies as a global trade fair: best export-oriented companies in China supply products and service with high quality and reasonable price.

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    ◎Food additives: sour agents, anti-caking agents, anti-oxidants,
        bleaching agents, leavening agents, film formers, Colorants,
        color fixative, complex food additives, emulsifiers, enzymes,
        food flavors and fragrances, Flavor enhancers, flour treatment agent,
        water retention agent, nutrition enhancers, preservatives,
        stabilizers and coagulants, Sweeteners, thickeners,
        chewing gum-based agent

    ◎Food ingredients: starch, modified starch, starch, sugar,
        sugar alcohols, oligosaccharides, Edible fats and fat substitutes,
        special flour, yeast products, vegetable protein,
        Dehydrated fruits and vegetables and meats, refrigerated foods,
        fillings, sauces, spices, condiments, Dairy products,
        health care products, animal and plant extracts,
        beverage concentrates, curing agent, soy products, Nuts, instant tea,
        functional food ingredients, Cocoa products, dietary fiber, egg products,
        Bee products, beans, roasted, probiotics, peptides,
        natural and organic food and food ingredients

    ◎Food processing aid: mold release agents, antiblocking agents,
        defoamers, dispersing agents, clarifying agents, flocculants,
        Chelating agent, filter aid, bleaching agents, adsorbents,
        fermentation nutrients, catalyst, crystallization agent

    ◎New Resource Food: new resources of food-related materials,

    ◎Instruments and technology: food packaging machinery,
        packaging materials, food processing machinery,
        Food additives and ingredients production and application technology,
        food testing equipment and technology,
        professional journals and publications, traders

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