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China-Sino Corrugated South 2014Sino Corrugated South 2014
China-Sino Corrugated South 2014Sino Corrugated South 2014
  • Introduction:(Sino Corrugated South 2014)

    SinoCorrugated South 2014 is Asia-Pacific's leading trade show for the global corrugated manufacturing industry. The event features the latest, most innovative corrugated equipment and consumables on the market. As a sourcing platform for manufacturers of corrugated boxes, honeycomb paperboard, paper stock models and paper pipes, the show attracts manufacturers, buyers and end-users alike. It is a must-attend event that sharpens participants' competitive edge by providing networking opportunities, technological updates and news of the latest industry developments.

  • Content:

    Converting and Ancillary Equipment

    Plate Making System,Mounting Table,Sample-Making,Pre-Feeder,Flexo Printers,Gravure Printing Machines,Flexo Printers,Die-Cutters,Litho-Laminators,Stitcher,Gluers,Strappers,Rewinders,Paper Cutters,Creasers,Laser Cutting Machine,Holt Melt Glue Applicator,Anilox Rolls,Anvil Cover,Pressing Wheels,Balancers,Feeder Wheels,Belts,Plate -Engraving,Other

    Converting and AncillaryEquipment for Honeycomb Paperboard and Pulp Molding

    Honeycomb Paperboard Production Line,Stack-up Paper Core Production Line,Paper Angle ,Edge Protector Machine,Pulp Molding Machine,Other

    Corrugated Base Paper

    Wood Kraft,Kraft Liner,Corrugating Medium,White Kraft Liners,Duplex Board Grey/White Back,Others


    Plate,Inks,Wire,Rotary Die's Material,Lubricant,Adhesives,Additives,Diecutting Knifes,Cushion,Strapping,Tearing Tape,Winding Tape,Double-Side Tapes,Others


    Box Structure Designers,ERP,Manufacture Managers,Auto control systems,Others


    Plate Making Services,Dies,Training,Equipment Upgrade and Rebuild,Used Equipment,Others

    Factory Infrastructure and Services

    Conveyor Systems and Material Handling System,Integrated Waste Systems,Waste Paper Handling Systems,Air Conditioning and Humidification Systems,Forklifts,Sewage Treatment Systems,Others

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