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  • Exh. time:04/30/2018 - 05/04/2018
  • Venues:Ribeirão Preto [Map]
  • OrganizerBTS Informa
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  • Introduction:(AGRISHOW 2018)

    The Agrishow Ribeirao has established as a premiere platform that boasts the presence of agricultural products and accessories, farm equipments and accessories, harvesters and tractors, agricultural supplies, fertilizers, organic manures, farm machines, agricultural machineries and all agricultural technologies. It is an ideal forum for showcasing new products and services and promoting the best of farm and agricultural products. The event is a win-win situation for both the attendees and the exhibitors and all are equally benefitted by means of this fair.

    More than 765 exhibitors will be participating at Agrishow Ribeirao. The exhibited product range comprise of Agricultural Implements, Agricultural Machinery, Seeds, Agricultural Correctives, Fertilizers and Agricultural Pesticides, Silos and Warehouses, Irrigation Equipment, Aircraft, Utility Vehicles, Logistics, Equipment for Family based Agriculture, Software and Hardware products. The exhibitors will also exhibit Spare Parts, Auto Parts and Tires, Tools, Pumps and Engines, Artesian Wells, Sacks and Packaging, Rural Communication Equipment. The attendees coming to this fair will come across Security Equipment and PPE Screens, Wire Fences, Prefabricated Constructions, Biodiesel Production, Cattle breeding, breeding, Goat, Sheep breeding, pig breeding, Storage, Agriculture and Precision, Construction Machinery, Information Systems, Universities and Research Centers, Financing, Insurance and Financial Services and Technical Magazines and Publications.

  • Content

    ● Agricultural Implements

    ● Agricultural Machines


    ● Correctives, Fertilizers and Pesticides Silos and


    ● Irrigation Equipments

    ● Aircrafts

    ● Utilitarian Vehicles and Logistics

    ● Family Agriculture Equipments

    ● Software and Hardware

    ● Spare parts, Auto parts and Tires

    ● Tools

    ● Pumps and Engines

    ● Sackings and Packages

    ● Farming Communication Equipments

    ● Safety/IPE (Individual Protection Equipments) Equipments,

    Screens, Wires and Fences

    ● Pre-made Constructions

    ● Biodiesel Production

    ● Cattle Breeding, Goat Breeding, Sheep Breeding, Swine


    ● Information Systems

    ● Research Centers and Universities

    ● Funding, Financial Services and Insurances

    ● Magazines and Technical Publications

    ● Artesian Wells

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