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China-China (Yiwu) Hotel Supplies and Restaurant& Kitchen Equipment Expo 2010China (Yiwu) Hotel Supplies and Restaurant& Kitchen Equipment Expo 2010
China (Yiwu) Hotel Supplies and Restaurant& Kitchen Equipment Expo 2010
  • Exh. time:09/27/2010 - 09/29/2010
  • Venues:Yiwu New International Expo Center [Map]
  • OrganizerChina Hotel Association China Tongyuan Co., Ltd
  • Co-organizerYangzhou Hotels Commodity Association
  • Sponsor
  • Introduction:(China (Yiwu) Hotel Supplies and Restaurant& Kitchen Equipment Expo 2010)



    The Only One hotel Supplies Industry Pageant Organized by (China Hospitality Association)
    Looking into the year of 2010, we will have preferential policies, the recovery of economy, the holding of Shanghai 2010 World Expo and the rising of the hospitality industry in the Yangtze River Delta. We cooperate with the powerful domestic authoritative industrial institutions in order to create a high-quality exhibition. With the rich customer purchase resources of China Hospitality Association and the experience of many years of Shanghai Tiansheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. in exhibition service, you will contact many high-quality visitors and obtain many new business opportunities from this trade fair.  

    Exhibition Highlights:
    (1) This trade fair, based on Yiwu New International Expo Center, will have a fresh look before people.
    (2) With the advantaged global customer resources and global trade platforms of Yiwu, it will be your window to open the international market.
    (3) The powerful exhibition promotion, innovative activity planning and the great support from the authoritative institutions and the enthusiasts in this industry establish a firm foundation for the development of the exhibition.
    (4) We address not only scale but also quality. Experienced experts and consultants will impart advanced technologies and management conceptions, surely promoting the level of the hospitality, food and drink industry of China.
    (5) The exhibitors are required to participate in this trade fair more specifically and professionally. While promoting their products, the exhibitors can exchange smoothly with the same businesses at home and abroad. In addition, the specific and individualized service will allow you to easily establish the product sales network for your enterprise.

    Create the Most Remarkable Large Star-level Exhibition in the Yangtze River Delta:
    Yiwu City has won the award of “Top 10 Excellent Conference and Exhibition Cities of China 2008”. In Yiwu, the developed commerce and trade directly drive the development of the conference and exhibition industry and the service industry. In Yiwu City with enough dense commerce atmosphere, we insist on the conception of organizing exhibitions innovative, holding exhibitions with such advantages as high quality, internalization, large scale, new product diversity, good effect and excellent organization, addressing exhibition effect and keeping exhibitions advance and go forward year by year. We will make efforts to organize an influential exhibition in the industry. Based on the geological advantage and the advantage of the most excellent conference and exhibition city, we will create the most remarkable large star-level exhibition in the Yangtze River Delta
    China (Yiwu) hotel Supplies and restaurant & kitchen Equipment Expo 2010 will make full use of all effective resources, keep creating more new advantages and new platforms and make efforts to provide a high-quality and high-efficiency commerce, trade and exchange platform for the hotel supplies industry.


    Participation Rules
    Company established exhibitors, please fill in the application form and sign the form after the seal by fax, mail or e-mail sent to the contractor, for the printed journal. Please send remittance remittance business enterprises outside the province to the Organizing Committee (0579-85096759) received payment, the Organizing Committee will send exhibitor booth confirmation and Manual.
    For more details, please contact:
    Shanghai Tiansheng Convention & Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


    Participation Fee
    ★9㎡ standard booth   (Note: The booth with opening on both sides shall have RMB1000 Yuan more.)
    Chinese-funded enterprises: RMB5,800Yuan/booth/exhibition period; Joint ventures: RMB7,800Yuan/booth/exhibition period; Foreign enterprises: USD2,000元/ booth/exhibition period.
    One standard booth include [boarding on three sides, one lintel exhibition board, one desk and two chair, two spotlights, one 220V/5A power supply socket, carpet paved in the whole booth, 24h cleaning servant and security guard available]
    ★ Indoor raw space (Note: At least 36m², only space, no any facilities included)
    Chinese-funded enterprises: RMB600Yuan/㎡/exhibition period; Joint ventures: RMB800Yuan/㎡/exhibition period; Foreign enterprises: USD200元/ ㎡/exhibition period.
    ■ Ads on Show Directory and other Ads (RMB)   
    Front cover: RMB20,000Yuan         Back Cover: RMB18,000 Yuan   
    Inside back cover: RMB12,000        Whole black & white page: RMB3,000Yuan
    Inside front cover: RMB15,000 Yuan    Whole color page: RMB6,000Yuan    
    Name badge: RMB5,000 /10k pieces    Arch: RMB3,000Yuan/exhibition period
    Ticket: RMB5,000 /10k pieces (printed at least 30k tickets) 
    Balloon banner: RMB2000Yuan/ exhibition period


  • Content

    .   hotel kitchen Catering Equipment Supplies Exhibition Area: kitchen range, Chinese and Western kitchen equipment, fast food equipment, refrigeration equipment, bakery equipment, refrigeration cabinets, fresh cabinet, food machinery, dishwashers, washing vegetables machines, ice machines, banquet meals furnace, stainless steel kitchen ware, plastic wrap, aluminum foil fresh, induction cooker, water heater, kitchen knives, ventilation equipment, environmental protection equipment, beer equipment, bakery machine, napkin machine;

    II. hotel Furniture Exhibition Area: hotel dining furniture, hotel suite furniture, hotel private rooms furniture, hotel sofa, hotel mattresses, decorative antique furniture, banquet furniture, outdoor furniture, leisure furniture, electric tables, induction cooker and dining table and so on;

    III. Desktop Supplies Exhibition Area: Stainless steel tableware, bamboo tableware, ceramic tableware, glass tableware, melamine tableware, cooking utensils, alcohol stove, glassware, glass turntable, gold and silver ware, chopsticks and so on;

    IV.  Room Supporting Electronics & Titanium, Lobby Supplies Exhibition Area: hotel TV, telephone, safe, electronic door locks, water bottles, consumables, housing service handcart, automatic mahjong machines, dining car, bedside control system, room lamps, umbrella stands, guest speakers counseling, lobby signage, world clock, palm trees, sculpture& decorative;

    V.  Cleaning and Laundry Equipment Exhibition Area: Scrubber, polishing machine, brushing machine, electronic bubble making box, suction machine, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, trash, dust push, floor mats, cleaning agents, detergents, hand sanitizer, soap Liquid Machines, dry skin device, stone care equipment, air filters, laundry equipment;

    VI. hotel Textile Cloth Art, Uniforms Exhibition Area: Bedding, table cloth, table mats, napkins, towels, rugs, laundry bags, down and feather filled products, hotel linen, hotel uniforms;

    VII. Coffee, Tea and food Exhibition Area: Coffee machines, coffee food, coffee equipments, tea sets, tea series, drinks, beverages, soups, spices, health food;

    VII. hotel Carpet Exhibition Area: hotel project carpet, decorative tapestries, bathroom carpet, tufted carpet, bath mats, woven carpets, non-slip mats;

    IX. hotel Design and Decoration Exhibition Area: restaurant decoration materials and equipment (such as bathroom equipment, stone, wallpaper, etc.), restaurants ventilation equipment and central air conditioning, restaurants lifting equipment and accessories, restaurants leisure & sports equipment and facilities, SPA equipment and facilities, swimming pools, hotels Architectural Design Competition works Show, Brand hotel Design and Decoration Company Show, etc.

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