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A.M.P-Rose started out as a supplier of rebuilt packaging machines for the confectionery industry in 1978. At that stage the company employed 4 engineers in a relatively small engineering factory.

Since its humble beginnings over 25 years ago the company has developed into one of the world’s leading suppliers of machines to the chocolate and confectionery industries, with 75% of it’s products being exported to more than 80 countries world-wide.

Some of the Company’s highlights are listed below;

  • 1978 - Founded as ‘A.M.Packaging Ltd’, by the present Managing Director, Mr Alan Mann
  • 1980 - First machine exported to South Africa
  • 1984 - The Company’s first new machine is launched - the ‘I.C.W’ cut and flow-wrap machine
  • 1988 - Workforce grows to 50 people
  • 1989 - Exports account for 75% of total sales
  • 1990 - The Company acquires the ‘Rose Forgrove’ confectionery division and commences the manufacture of new ‘Rose’ and ‘Forgrove’ candy    machines
  • 1991 - Workforce now 100 people. Company changes its name to ‘A.M.P-Rose’
  • 1992 - Launches candyformer’ range of hard candy manufacturing machines
  • 1993 - Produces new range of servo-driven flow-wrap machines
  • 1994 - ‘Super 42BG’ high-speed bubble gum wrapper is launched with sales to major multi-national companies.
  • 1995 - First ‘7IST’ hard candy twist wrapper is sold. Subsidiary Company A.M.P-Rose India is formed
  • 1996 - ‘Miniflow’ 1000/minute pillow-wrap machine for pre-formed candies is introduced.
  • 1997 - Workforce reaches 120. ‘7IST/L’ lollipop wrapping machine is launched
  • 1998 - Company takes over U.K sales of ‘Schib’ horizontal form, fill and seal machines.
  • 1999 - Launch of new ’Super 42HS’ 1000/minute cut and wrap machine and ‘7IST/CT’ chocolate twist wrapping machine.
  • 2000 - Company takes over the UK sales of the range of gum and lollipop machines from Carugil, Spain. New Roll-wrapping machine TWRC launched.
  • 2001 - Launch of 26DM chocolate bunch wrapping machine, coating pans and range of laboratory scale equipment.
  • 2002 - Reaches agreement with PTL of New Zealand for sales of their chocolate processing machinery in the U.K and Europe.
  • 2003 - A.M.P Rose celebrates it's 25th year in business. The 100th 7IST candy wrapper is sold.
  • 2004 - The new '755' cut and wrap machine is launched - budget machine for 800 pieces/min.
  • 2005 - The Super 42HSF/Stickpack machine is shown at Interpack 2005 - high speed cut&wrap stickpack machine
  • 2007 - A new full bagging line is launched; including conveyors, elevators, multihead weighers, to auger fillers, volumetric fillers, liquid fillers, and Vertical form fill and seal machines
  • 2008 - Construction of the new purpose built A.M.P-Rose factory gets underway. It will be 80,000 sq/ft, of which 25,000 sq/ft will be for the current stock.
  • 2009 - The new Continuous Toffee Cooker is launched, with an output of up to 1500 kg/hr.
  • 2010 - To add to the very successful Multihead weighers range, is the new Twin multihead weigher.

The company’s current products and services can be summarized as below.

1) Supply of New machines

A.M.P-Rose manufactures a wide range of new machinery such as its range of cut and wrap machines for all styles of wrapping - twist, fold, ‘Bazooka’, ‘whirl’, lollipop, pillow and stick pack, at speeds of up to 1000 individual pieces/minute.

The company also manufactures machines for the production and packaging of hard candies - the ‘1300’ continuous batch vacuum cooker, the candyformer’ sweet forming line and the ‘7IST’ double twist and ‘CO-90\C Miniflow’ pillow-pack wrapping machines.

A.M.P Rose also supplies chocolate processing machinery from 'PTL' New Zealand. 

We produce horizontal form, fill and seal machines for a variety of different products, including a special machine for packing crisps or snackfoods into multi-packs of 6 to 24 packets.

Our laboratory range of confectionery machines is particularly useful for trials and small-scale production.

2) Supply of used/rebuilt machines

A.M.P-Rose continues to be one of the world’s largest dealers in used confectionery and chocolate machinery. We are able to supply machines in ‘as is’, ‘good working order’, 'reconditioned', or 'fully rebuilt' condition, according to the Customer’s budget and specific requirements. A fully rebuilt machine from A.M.P-Rose carries a comprehensive 12 months guarantee.

Our engineers are experienced with many brands and types of processing and packaging machines, which allows us to supply almost any machine required in the candy manufacturing process.

For information about our rebuilding services, see the 'Rebuilt Machines' page.

For a list of our current stock of used machinery, see the 'Current Inventory' page.

3) Supply of new machines from our Partner Companies

A.M.P-Rose represents the following Companies in the U.K and Ireland;

  • PTL, New Zealand - manufacturers of chocolate processing machines such as moulding plants, enrobers, kettles, depositors etc
  • Schib Packaging, Italy - horizontal form, fill and seal machines and feeding systems.
  • Tenchi, Japan - manufacturers of chocolate and confectionery wrapping and packaging machines.
  • Carugil, Spain - manufacturers of bubble/chewing gum processing plant including Z-Blade mixers, extruders, gum balling lines, etc, as well as complete lollipop forming and ‘bunch’ wrapping machines.  The company has also taken over the UK sales of the range of gum and lollipop processing and wrapping machines from Carugil, Spain.

4) Spare parts and Service

The Company has a modern and well-equipped machine shop capable of producing a wide range of engineering components to the highest degrees of accuracy. We supply spare parts for all ‘Rose’ and ‘Forgrove’ candy machines, as well as parts for many other makes of machines, including size-change parts, replacement knives, cams, gears and the like.

We also have skilled, experienced Service Engineers available for the installation and commissioning of our machines, whether it be in the U.K or abroad.

5) Purchase of redundant equipment

The Company also purchases Client’s redundant machinery. Whether it is an outright purchase, trade-in against new or rebuilt machinery, or a sale on the Client’s behalf, with our considerable industry contacts, the Customer can be certain of the best deal possible for their redundant equipment.

A.M.P-Rose is proud of its reputation as being an honest and reliable supplier to the confectionery industry. We continue to strive to meet the Customer’s expectations in terms of quality products, timely deliveries, competitive pricing and reliable after-sales service.

A visit to the Company’s headquarters in Gainsborough is highly recommended.

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