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Anritsu Industrial Solutions Co.,Ltd.-detection,inspection tochnology,food and pharmaceutical inspection

Anritsu Industrial Solutions Co.,Ltd.

DISCOVER WHAT YOU'VE BEEN MISSING. Anritsu Industrial Solutions inspection technology is proven in over 90,000 installations globally with over 5,500 x-ray systems installed and detecting contaminants as small as 0.3mm metal, 1.0mm bone and 1.0mm glass at production line packaging rates in some cases exceeding 600ppm.

Anritsu Industrial Solutions designs and builds food and pharmaceutical inspection solutions that meet the most stringent quality control programs globally. Our focus is to continuously improve our detection capabilities and simplify the operator interface to provide users with the ability to maximize detection of contaminants without the need to be an expert in equipment design and operation. detection and rejection of products contaminated with metal, glass, rubber, stones, bones or wire with the simultaneous ability to analyze the packaging weight, integrity and count to ‘zero tolerance' levels is our goal.

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