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    Batching Systems, Inc. (BSI) has long excelled in optical part counting thanks to patented dual-view optical technology. Instead of breaking a beam or reflecting a beam, BSI counters look at every part in-flight, scanning each piece at 2,000 times a second, creating a 3-D image of every part that is surprisingly representative of the product being counted. Virtually anything that needs to be counted, batched, or weighed prior to packaging will work with optical scanning technology. Some examples include toys, hardware, agricultural products, plastic parts, toys, jewelry, pills and tablets, lancets, twist-wrap candy, pipe and brass fittings, automotive, sporting goods, catheters and food products of all shapes and sizes.



Integrated Filling & Packaging Systems

Automatically Filling and Sealing a Wide Variety of counted or weighed Products

Batchmaster® Box Line

Batchmaster® Counters or Fast Automatic Weighers can be integrated into a Dual Lane Carton Indexing Conveyor. Manually erected boxes are placed on the infeed belt and are delivered to the load station where the box is sensed, stopped and filled by the counter or scale. A vibratory settling device ensures an even fill in the box without overflowing. The filled box is released and automatically pushed onto the outfeed belt where it awaits closing and labeling. A single operator can run the entire system.

Batchmaster® Clamshell Filling Systems

One or more Batchmaster® Counters or Fast Automatic Weighers can be used to fill a wide variety of items into clamshell packages. Typical applications include hardware and fasteners such as those seen on the shelves at your local home improvement store. Drop into the clamshell is primarily random, however magnetic orientation is available for long metallic parts such as nails and screws.

The automatic process includes clamshell denesting and placement, filling, vibratory settling, closing, tamping, sealing, checkweighing and one, two, three or four sided label application.

Batchmaster® Blister Filling

There are many applications for random fill into blister packages, and several packaging equipment manufacturers that supply automatic blister machines in a variety of configurations. Batchmaster® Counters and Scales can be easily integrated to any of these machines for automatic product filling in single and multiple up template presentation.

Integration Services

Batchmaster® Counters and Scales can be integrated to virtually any type of packaging equipment to fill virtually any type of package. BSI has a full staff of mechanical, electrical and software engineers and can provide complete turnkey integrated systems.

Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz @ 10 Amps—Fillers Only

Air Requirements: 60-80 psi, clean dry air (No air required for Servo drive systems)

Footprint: Depends on configuration


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