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Reliable Packaging MachineryReliable Packaging Machinery
Reliable Packaging Machinery
地址:Hoschton, GA 30548

We are the marketing arm of the world renowned Concetti Group here in the USA and Canada!  We specialize in providing complete "turnkey" packaging lines for a variety of dry pellet, granules, and powder products.  Installations include animal feed, feed additives, milk replacers, building products, i.e. concrete mix, mortars, grouts, etc.  The Concetti Group is prominent in the chemicals manufacturing industry packaging variety of resins in powder and granular form from PE pellets to powdered resin additives used as hardeners for paint to very corrosive materials like caustic soda and fertilizers.  Some of the other industries include food packaging of flour, sugar, salt, dextrose, dairy powder, etc.  

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