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Universal Exhibition Information Network was established in January 2010, the world's major exhibition dedicated to recruiting information for the manufacturers packaging, food-related exhibition information. The company adheres to the packaging, food industry more than 20 years of experience in the hope that more information and experience flow to the source to the world, so that more people in need benefit from it, in addition to "Universal Packaging Network Packsourcing" and " Universal Food Network Foodsourcing ", we establish a" Universal Exhibition Information Network "to provide large and small associated exhibition, richer and more detailed information to serve the public.

Collected around the world packaging, food-related exhibitions: packaging, food-related exhibitions around the world to carry out every day, we recruited big, small exhibition of information collection to the exhibition network, people Yi Wangda into the exhibition is not easily miss relevant information, so that firms have more opportunities to choose to join or have a message or get more market dynamics.

Provide full details: "Universal Exhibition Information Network" not just to provide an exhibition around the world, we are more basic introduction to the local state and the market, people looking at the same time show a basic understanding of the countries; to provide national public association introduced will enable manufacturers to the public by the industry association is much more information, or to another pipeline to provide manufacturers more details or contact information; to provide information on exhibitors not only to the vendors around the world more exposure opportunities, Let the search to understand the scale and context of the exhibition to create more business opportunities to create win-win situation.

Published more than 20 years experience in packaging industry: "Universal Packaging Network Packsourcing", "Universal Food Network Foodsourcing" is not a trading company, but to help the global packaging industry a network marketing media exposure; current headquarters located in Taiwan, in addition to its network Department, there are print magazines Department, has been established since 1988 and has 21 years of publication, "Packaging Industry Magazine" and "Food Industry Magazine" and "Packaging Industry and Food Industry Overview", "Overseas Overseas Exhibition Special Issue" ... etc. are the best buyers guide. The company also organizes seminars, workshops Yiti Gong opportunities for exchanges between personnel in order to solve the blind spot each other on their operation in many years has the packaging Jie renowned packaging also had organized more Zhanlan, workshops, Du has received enthusiastic response.


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