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Address:971 Corporate Boulevard, Suite 403 - Linthicum, MD 21090


The members of the Flexible Packaging Association produce flexible packaging for retail and institutional food and non-food, and medical and pharmaceutical markets, and industrial applications. FPA data does not include consumer products such as can liners and storage bags, stretch films or retail poly bags.

As a member of FPA, you have access to industry specific information, welcome quality networking opportunities within the flexible packaging industry, and talk with some of today’s most influential packaging decision makers.

FPA Membership is Divided Into Five Categories:

  • Converter membership is open to any person, firm, corporation or division engaged in the manufacture(ing) of converted forms of paper, film, flexible plastics or foils, or combinations thereof, for sale to the users or distributors of such materials for packaging purposes.
  • Associate membership is open to any person, firm or corporation, or division thereof, engaged in the manufacture(ing) of materials, equipment, or suppliers related to the flexible packaging industry.
  • Trade Press membership is open to any person, firm, corporation, or division thereof, engaged in the publication of recognized trade magazines related to the flexible packaging industry.
  • International membership is open to converters or suppliers headquartered outside of the U.S. with no direct or indirect flexible packaging sales in the United States.
  • Academic membership is open to universities or colleges with packaging curriculums or departments with activities related to packaging sciences.

Flexible Packaging Association Anti-Trust Policy


The Flexible Packaging Association follows a strict anti-trust policy. In order to protect your personal and company interest while attending FPA meetings and events, our policy of compliance with all antitrust laws is always strictly followed. Penalties for violation of antitrust laws include fines and imprisonment, so we urge you to follow these guidelines before, during and after our meetings.

  • Do not discuss prices (including price increases and pricing methods), discounts, terms of sales, the refusal to deal with another company, or profit margins with any representative of any association member company.
  • Do not make announcements about your prices or those of competitors.
  • Do not talk about the plans of individual companies (yours or competitors) regarding specific geographic or product markets, or regarding particular customers.
  • If in doubt about the propriety of any subject or activity, consult FPA staff or counsel.

For each FPA meeting, an agenda and minutes are prepared, both of which are reviewed by FPA legal counsel before they are distributed. FPA legal counsel also attends FPA meetings and events to ensure that the Association’s anti-trust policy is observed at all times. The Flexible Packaging Association:

  • Protects your business against unnecessary and costly regulations and legislation.
  • Facilitates networking opportunities that help you compete effectively in the industry.
  • Promotes and grows the flexible packaging industry.
  • Provides industry specific information that enables you to make educated business decisions.


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