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Taiwan-2012 BIO TAIWAN-conferences and exhibition 2012 BIO TAIWAN-conferences and exhibition
2012 BIO TAIWAN-conferences and exhibition
  • Exh. time:07/26/2012 - 07/29/2012
  • Venues:Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1  [Map]
  • OrganizerTaiwan Bio Industry Organization
  • Co-organizer
  • Sponsor1. Industrial Technology Research Institute 2. Office of Public Affairs & Technology Transfer, SINICA 3. National Health Research Institutes 4. National Applied Research Laboratories 5. Development Center for Biotechnology 6. Pharmaceutical Indu
  • Introduction:(2012 BIO TAIWAN-conferences and exhibition )

    The major partners of BIO TAIWAN 2012 are the leaders of TAIWAN’s emerging BIOtechnology industry. Their contributions to this important event are indicative of a globally focus strategy for tomorrow’s advances in BIOtechnology. The organizers deeply appreciate the contributions of multiple organizations, institutes and individuals during our previous successful events. We firmly believe that these efforts have paved the way for TAIWAN’s BIOtechnology industry to achieve global success. The immense population of BIO TAIWAN 2011 is a testament to our combined achievements. Look toward 2012, we believe it to be the breakthrough year for the BIOtechnology field.

  • Content

    BIO TAIWAN 2012 planning, 1000 booths

    Pavilions Participants
    Government BIOtechnology
    (Policy, Achievements) 
    Government Department Pavilion 
    R&D, Incubation Pavilion 
    BIOtechnology Science Park & Local Governmental BIO Pavilion 
    BIOtechnology Exhibitors Pharmaceuticals, BIOmedical Pavilion: Pharmaceutical, Chinese Medicine, Medical Services, Associations.
    Instruments & Devices: BIOtechnology R&D, Manufacturing Equipments, Instruments, Associations.
    Agriculture & Fishery BIOtechnology Pavilion: Farming, Floriculture, BIO Fertilizers, Insecticides.
    BIO Food Pavilion: Food & Beverage Industry, Associations.
    BIOtech Material Services Pavilion: Reagents, BIOchips, CRO, Patents, Law Firms, Online Logistics.
    BIOtech Cosmetology Pavilion: Materials, Cosmetics Products, Equipments.
    BIOtech Trust and Venture Capitals Pavilion:Banks, Certificates, Bonds, Investors, Venture Capitals.
    Overseas BIOtechnology Invitation of European, American, Australian, Asian and Mainland China BIO Dealers and Investors.
    Civil BIOtechnology Studies Organizers incorporate with Scientific / Education Institutions.

  • Exhibitors List

  • Traffic

    1, 20, 22, 33, 37, 38, 207, 226, 266, 284, 288, 537, 655, Blue5

    Taipei City Hall station (Bus transfer to world trade center by 266, 537, 650, Blue5)

    TWTC I: NT$70/hour
    TWTC II: NT$40/hour
    TWTC III: NT$40/hour
    TICC I: NT$70/hour
    VIESHOW Cinema: NT$50/hour
    Shin Kong Mitsukoshi: NT$100/hour
    Grand hyatt Taipei: NT$70/hour
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