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SHANG YUH MACHINE CO., LTD.-Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing ,pharmarceutical products, cosmetic ,bioyech equipments


    We have been engaged in manufacturing Machinery for more than 30 years. The company was founded in 1976. We specialize in producing variety of food machine, chemical machine and pressure kettles. In 1986, we changed our name to Shang Yuh Machine Co., Ltd. to fit the bueiness trends of our expansion. We also emphasize research and development in variety of pharmarceutical products, cosmetic and bioyech equipments.

Coupled with constant product quality and innovation, we have won ourselves an outstanding reputation in the pharmaceutical area. We have supplied manufacturing equipments for more than 100 GMP pharmaceutical companies. Because of our top quality control and many years of experience, now we supply manufacturing equipments, CIP, SIP automatic cleaning and sterilize system for more than 100 CGMP pharmaceutical plants.





This machine is composed of one blade mixer for high viscosity and one micro homongeneous high speed mixer with high strength-cut-off.

There are scrapers attached to scrap the inner wall of the container to make the new interface generation in the treated sloution continuously.

The treated solution, is treated by the cut-off. compress and fold-up of the blade, will flow down the right position of the homogeneous mixer by the way of blade mixing.

The mixing part of the homogeneous mixer is composed of a unique turbine with a high rotary speed and a radial stator having the flow refractive plates. The pressure at the bottom and upper part of the turbine enerated by the high speed rotations of the turbine has the functions like those of the rotations of a pump and is continuously sucked upward by the treated solution.

The sucked solution that is sucked on the stator is freely handle by the strong cut-off.lmpact and turbine current processed produced between the turbine under high-speed rotations and the stator and therefore is pulverized and dispersed and then isspraed upward and out from the top spray outlet.

As mentioned in the above, the homogenous mixer and blade mixer have their own respective mutually complementary features, so their effect are doubled to effectively treat the emulsification and mixing of the high viscous materials.



● Emulifying and mixing super viscous materials(above 50,000 C.P.S.)

● To directly suck the raw materials into the tank by this machine.

● A set of this machine can do the integrated operations of vacuum, heating, cooling process.

● Pulverization, emulsification, mixing and uniformity and dispersion can be completed within a short time.

● The Homo Mixer and Paddle Mixer can be used seprarately.

● Operation is by button automatically. It also supply record function for product except time control.

● The material contacted the liquid is stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

● It cah reduce the air and bacteria contamination by mixing in the vacuum. To keep the  product hygiene and stability.

● Automatic clean device ensure the cleanliness of the part contacted liquid.



● Coating, food stuffs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, Pigments, dyes and aids, general chemicals, and various synthetic fiber, leather, and plasti-cizer.


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