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Fully Automatic Exercise Book Machine (NOVA RB91)
LINE O MATIC GRAPHIC INDUSTRIES-Fully Automatic Exercise Book Machine (NOVA RB91)
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    Print Pack India 2011

  • Product Name:Fully Automatic Exercise Book Machine (NOVA RB91)

  • Type:NOVA RB91

  • Brand:Line O Matic

  • keyword:Automatic Exercise

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    Line O Matic Fully Automatic Exercise Book Machine consisting of reel unwinding stand, ruling or flexo printing tower, cross cutting unit, sheet overlapping unit, sheet counting and collating unit, one inserter for pre-printed index sheet and one inserter for pre-printed title covers, wire stitching unit, folding unit, square back pressing unit, front cutting unit, book separating cutting unit, book delivery table, waste removal system, centralized control panel (PLC) with all electrical motors and standard accessories.


    General Specifications    


    Reel Width 91 cms max., 58 cms min.
    Reel Diameter 120 cms max.
    Ruling/Printing Length 45 cms max., 30 cms min.
    Cut off Length 45 cms max., 30 cms min.
    Sheet Count 50 sheets max., 6 sheets min.
    Product Thickness 7 mm max. (unfolded block)
    Paper Web Speed 250 meters per minute (depending upon

    quality & GSM of paper and book size)

    Output 5000 to 8500 books per hour
      depending upon paper reel web width
      and number of pages of the book
    Power Required Approx. 40 KW
    Floor Space L-75 feet x W-20 feet x H-12 feet

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