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Brazil-ABRE – Brazilian Packaging Association ABRE – Brazilian Packaging Association

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Address:Rua Oscar Freire, 379, São Paulo - SP, 01426-001, Brasil


ABRE – Brazilian Packaging Association is a non-profit entity with approximately 300 members. Established in 1967, ABRE is growing more and more, always with the goal to represent the interests of the packing industry, to foment the activities of this sector and stimulating the constant improvement of the Brazilian packages.

ABRE is dividing in:




Executive Direction

Administrative and Financial Management

Marketing and Communication


Committees: Design, Environment, Standardization, Export, Strategic Studies, Packaging History,Toxicology and Packaging Professional Group

IT – Information Technology

ABRE represents all the packaging supply chain: machinery manufactories, raw material and accessories producers, converters, end users and design agencies.

ABRE promotes events to offer to the packing industry update in several questions. The entity also promotes periodical meetings for the Committees where the professionals discuss important issues.

ABRE’s Information Center has a complete mailing where the user can find information about companies that deal with packing and its complements.



The Brazilian Packaging Association mission is to integrate and to promote its members, to create opportunities of commercial increase and to stimulate the continuous improvement of Brazilian packing.

It is also to represent the sector in the public and private agencies, nationally and internationally, to work the packing image in the society and to project the social responsibility in the sector.



To work to the growing of Brazilian packaging industry

To improve the packaging image to the sector

To foment the development of new technologies

To incentive the search of new markets

To stimulate the ethical behavior of the sector

To contribute with the society to the country’s development




Area of Activity

The main strategic areas that guide the entity's activity are:


Contribution of Technology


Interchange of Information

International Articulation

Increasing and Strengthening of Business

Packaging Institutional Defense




Events in several areas of the packaging sector

Sector’s representation in the most important international packaging shows

Committees in the mainly packaging areas:




Strategic Studies



History of the Packaging


Packaging Professional Group




InformationCenterwhere the user can find more than 6.000 companies related with packing

Qualitative and Quantitative researches

Information about Brazil and the world:


National and international entities list

Sector’s magazines – national and international

Technical Literature

Catalog of the mainly international and national trade shows


Legal Assessorship

Support to foreign companies


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